Sometimes calls to the API endpoints may return errors due to external or internal reasons. Most errors include a 3 digit error code with additional detail in a JSON format and are listed in the table below.

401Missing AuthorizationAPI key required in Authorization header. Generate one in your BlockSpan portal.
401Incorrect CredentialsThe API key is incorrect. Obtain the correct key in your BlockSpan portal.
Account Quotas
429Too Many RequestsExceeded plan request per minute limits, resubmit at slower rate. See details on the pricing page [Link to Pricing Page].
429Max Transactions ExceededExceeded plan monthly transaction limit. See details in your BlockSpan portal. Consider upgrading your plan or contact BlockSpan support.
Client Errors
400Invalid ValueYou provided an invalid value. See error message for details and API documentation for expected value.
404Not FoundThe requested resource was not found. Make sure your request url and parameters are correct.
Server Errors
500Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected error occurred when processing your request. Please reach out to BlockSpan support.
503Request CanceledDue to high load, please try again shortly or reach out to BlockSpan support.
503Service Down For MaintenanceThe server is currently down for maintenance.