Returns all transfers for a collection by contract address.


  • Chains supported: Ethereum, Goerli & Sepolia (testnet), Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC and Optimism with more coming soon
  • Returns all transfers for tokens within a collection by passing in a contract address. Typically useful for monitoring transaction activity information for all tokens in a collection
  • Filter by transfer type (mint, burn or transfer)
  • Filter for specific transfers of wallet address using from_address and or to_address
  • Filter for specific blocks using block_start and or block_end
  • Filter for specific transaction (containing multiple transfers) using transaction hash
  • Data returned in descending order of block number, log index and batch index. Use the cursor to scroll through all data 25 (default) to 100 records at a time
  • Number of total transfers for the tokens belonging to the collection
  • The to and from address involved in the transfer. Note mint (from) and burn (to) correspond to (0x0000… address)
  • The address of the authorized operator if applicable facilitating the transfer
  • The quantity transferred (note, always 1 for erc721, 1 or more for erc1155)
  • The recorded block information including number, timestamp, hash, log index and batch index (for erc1155)
  • The sale price in USD associated with the transfer along with the original currency (ETH, MATIC, USDT, DAI, etc) transacted. See the NFT Pricing section above for more details.
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