Returns all NFTs with Metadata for a given collection (contract address).


  • Chains supported: Ethereum, Goerli & Sepolia (testnet), Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC and Optimism with more coming soon
  • Returns all NFTs belonging to a collection by passing in a contract address. Typically useful for retrieving detailed metadata information for all tokens in a collection. Optionally pass in comma separated token ids to retrieve up to 25 specific NFTs.
  • Filter by traits, see example for json format expected. Note: Will find tokens matching ALL (treated as and clause) traits passed in
    Hint: Use the rarity counts from Get Single Collection API to identify traits of interest
  • Filter by rarity rank to return tokens with ranks within specified start and end bounds in ascending or descending order.
  • Data returned in ascending order by token id. Use the cursor to scroll through all data 25 (default) to 100 records at a time
  • Number of total NFT tokens in collection or matching the filter is specified.
  • The token name, description, uri and metadata if available
  • Total number of times token has been transferred
  • Date token was originally minted
  • Wallet address of current owners. Note erc1155 tokens may have multiple owners
  • No owners indicates token has been burned.
  • We cache images (when valid) and provide you urls so you dont have to ipfs.
  • The most recent sale price in USD (when available) associated with the transfer along with the original currency (ETH, MATIC, USDT, DAI, etc) transacted. See the NFT Pricing section above for more details.



For retrieving nfts of very large collections or when only requiring metadata information, optimize performance by passing include_recent_price=false

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