Returns all currently owned NFTs by owner's wallet address.


  • Chains supported: Ethereum, Goerli & Sepolia (testnet), Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC and Optimism with more coming soon
  • Returns all tokens owned by the given wallet address. Optionally pass in up to 25 comma separated contract addresses to retrieve NFTs only within those collections. Useful for both understanding scope of account ownership and activity as well as for applications to verify current ownership to provide correct gated access. Note: Zero or burn address is invalid.
  • Data returned in ascending order by contract address and token id. Use the cursor to scroll through all data 25 (default) to 100 records at a time
  • Number of total tokens owned by wallet address
  • Number of times owner has acquired/reacquired the token
  • Dates of first and most recent acquisition of the token indicative of continued owner interest in collection
  • Total quantity owned of each token
  • Optional nft_details if include_nft_details=true
  • Optionally filter out spam nfts returned if filter=nospam
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