Sales pricing history for given contract_address by timeframe and binSize


  • Chains supported: Ethereum, Goerli & Sepolia (testnet), Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC and Optimism with more coming soon
  • Returns collection price summaries by periods corresponding to a provided contract address
  • Useful to research price and sales trends over time such as floor prices etc.
  • Lists total number of transfers that occurred within the specified period.
  • Lists total count of valid prices that were available for analysis within the specified period.
  • Valid prices include non-zero value token transfers and we currently cover the vast majority of use cases.
  • Provide min (floor), max, average and median prices for the specified periods.
  • All price related metrics are provided in both native (ETH or MATIC) and USD.
    Note: The prices returned in this endpoint are calculated directly from the blockchain. Use the Exchanges endpoints for sales activity on marketplaces such as opensea
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