Returns recently created or all historical collections. Filter by token type.


  • Chains supported: Ethereum, Goerli & Sepolia (testnet), Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC and Optimism with more coming soon
  • Returns recent collections created in past 7 days. Use history=all for older collections.
  • Total defaults to 100000 given the large number of records that could be returned
  • Useful for developers and NFT publishers to understand recent trends and competitive landscape before deploying new contracts
  • Data returned in descending order by create date and then contract address. Use the cursor to scroll through all data 25 (default) to 100 records at a time
  • Contract name and symbol from original contract creation when available
  • List of ABI functions supported by deployed contract to provide deeper insights into its capabilities and also indicative of whether it is a proxy. Available only for Ethereum.
  • Creation date for contract reflecting the blockchain timestamp first deployed. Available only for Ethereum
  • Total tokens minted to date for the collection.
  • Total transfers to date of tokens within the collection.
    Note: This endpoint supports an optional history=all parameter to retrieve all collections in the database but with only token_type, contract_address and created_at populated.
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